Tonefox - a division of Tonfuchs guitars

An affordable high-end luthier Instrument with the best quality of a boutique guitar. Every limited series is planed and build in germany by Tonfuchs.

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Limited serial production

Tonefox is a sub-brand of Tonfuchs guitars, renowned for their exceptional playability and attention to detail. Each Tonefox instrument is crafted in small series using prefabricated parts, ensuring efficient production and cost-effectiveness without sacrificing the high-quality craftsmanship of Tonfuchs guitars. With limited quantities of each series available, every Tonefox instrument offers a unique and exclusive experience for the customer.

Serial Production

An affordable boutiqe guitar

The components of each Tonefox are carefully selected and include hand-tuned and wound Ray Gerold pickups. The Elcaster guitars feature specially designed Thinline bodies made in Korea, which are lightweight due to their hollow chambers. The necks used in the Tonefox Elcaster are sourced from Atlansia/Japan and are expertly crafted in the workshop of master luthier and Tonfuchs founder Uwe Schölch. All relevant fret work, bone nuts, and surface refinements are done by hand, and the hardware is aged to perfection. The result is a custom shop quality instrument at an affordable price.

Boutique Guitar

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