Handmade Instruments by a luthier

We do not outsource anything. Supreme quality is a given, since every aspect of your guitar is designed and built by the hands of Uwe Schölch.

uwe at work
guitar detail guitar color

Perfect Wood

The tone woods used, go through great scrutiny before they are even considered for a Tonfuchs guitar. All lumbers are air dried for years to even decades. It is not seldom that the wood used for your instrument has been laying out to dry for 30 plus years before ending up on the work bench.

guitar body

Best Hardware

The same diligence and obsession to detail is expected of the companies providing us with pickups and hardware. Only the best is good enough for your guitar. Most Tonfuchs instruments are built to be ordered, but also custom-made guitars are gladly realized. Here, upon request, pretty much anything is possible.


Uwe Schölch - the luthier

He built his first instrument as an autodidact in 1994. After a three-year long apprenticeship at Schack guitars to become a luthier and plucked string instrument Uwe made custom guitars and repairs. Between 2001 and 2006, Uwe worked at Nik Huber Guitars, he set up the production. The Bulldog prototype was built during this time. In 2005 Tonfuchs was established and was presented at the Frankfurt Music Messe to the public for the first time. Since then Tonfuchs Guitars has been growing steadily. Building great relationships with artists and companies alike.