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4.300,00 €
Sportbass Sportbass Sportbass


Every single Tonfuchs Bass is a handmade product. We put much effort and passion into each instrument, we do not want to spoil the result with inferior ingredients. That means no compromises in woods, hardware, tuners, pickups, etc.

Body Swamp ash
Neck US Hard maple
Fretboard East Indian rosewood
Frets 21 nickel Silver Wagner
Scale Length 34.02"
Bridge Vintage Steel
Truss rod Double truss rod & a bolt-on neck
Woodgrain filler Mineral basis
Finish Nitro cellulose
Pickup Nick silver
Hardware CTS pots, CRL or Switchcraft switches/Sockets
Tuners Hipshot Ultralight
Electrical Paper and oil Condensers
Strap pins Security lock compatible

You can change the specs for Body, Neck, Fretboard, Bridge and Pickups for extra charge: Alternative Spec-List